Our Vision

The Vision of the Creative Media & Behavioral Health Center (CM&BHC) builds on USC’s existing academic strengths and unique reputation within the creative and technology industries to develop the forex market preeminent center for innovation in the use of entertainment applications at the intersection of behavioral science, medicine and public health.

Our Mission

It is the Mission of CM&BHC to increase public awareness of critical issues in mental health and behavioral science, to revitalize formal medical education and to improve treatments through innovative clinical, research and commercial applications using transmedia storytelling and emerging technologies. To achieve our mission we will:

  • Recruit a multidisciplinary Board of Advisors, Steering Committee and Consultants from academia, industry, government and healthcare.
  • Pursue individual, foundation, federal and international funding opportunities to support infrastructure of center activities, pilot projects and major productions.
  • Produce original transmedia storytelling entertainment products using emerging technologies, personalized medicine and concept integration provided by leading experts.
  • Disseminate center products through established and novel commercial distribution channels, academic venues, scientific outlets and government organizations.
  • Seek rigorous scientific evaluation of impact and effectiveness of our products from our partners, advisors and outside consultants.
  • Provide mentorship and collaboration opportunities to SCA faculty, students and alumni and act as catalyst for evolving partnerships between the SCA, KSoM and other USC schools and programs.

Our Current Initiatives

  • The Sports & Exercise for Wellness initiative aims to investigate novel assessment and treatment techniques using entertainment & technology for improvement of health outcomes related to obesity, nutrition and physical activity.
  • The Healthy Brain Architecture initiative aims to develop and disseminate innovative storytelling products toward promotion of healthy behavior for brain development and affect regulation during the entire human lifespan.
  • The Social & Sensorimotor Play Therapy aims to investigate novel assessment and treatment techniques using interactive play for improving social skills, visuospatial navigation & motor coordination in physical space.